How the Coronavirus Outbreak Could Change the Longstanding Negative Views Towards Telework (Working from Home)?


How the Coronavirus Outbreak Could Change the Longstanding Negative Views Towards Telework (Working from Home)?

Telework, or work-from-home as it is popularly known as, has often been frowned upon as a deterrent to company culture and employee engagement. For the employees, it has often been said that remote work can often make you slack off and even bored and unproductive at times. There are solutions to all these problems, and it seems like now is the perfect time to realize the importance of telework.

We say this because of the immense impact that the global coronavirus outbreak has had on health and economy. The number of people across the world infected with the deadly coronavirus is soaring, with over 80 countries reporting cases of infection now. Moreover, companies are losing revenue as both demand and supply have taken a hit. In this dire situation, telework might be the saving grace for a lot of businesses as it allows employees to work from the safety of their homes.

Here are some ways in which the coronavirus outbreak could change the longstanding negative views towards telework.

Helps avoid the dreaded international travel

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, employees are unable to travel internationally and there is a general environment of fear in all public places. The kind of work that has been largely unaffected in these times is telework. Employees are working from their homes, fulfilling their job responsibilities while staying in a safe environment. Moreover, local personnel who can work remotely from their respective countries can be hired more and more to conduct business operations abroad and prevent any further losses to company revenue.

Allows employees to be with their families in the time of need

Friends and families of a lot of employees may be in need of care and support in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. For such employees, work-from-home offers an opportunity to stay with their families and nurse their relatives back to health while also doing their jobs remotely. This way, they are able to make their living remotely while also helping your business operations stay afloat.

Keeps morale up

A large number of people who have travelled abroad or inadvertently come into contact with someone who is infected are being asked to stay in quarantine for 14 days to be sure that they are not infected with the coronavirus. Many of these people are perfectly healthy, but they still have to stay in quarantine for the safety of other people. In this situation, their morale is bound to go down, not to mention that they will be unable to perform at their jobs if they are unable to leave their homes. Thus, working from home in protected surroundings is keeping the morale of a large

part of the workforce high.


In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, minimizing contact in public places has become a mantra that many people are following ardently. Work-from-home is now being treated as a potential option to sustain business operations in this situation. The hope is that the several benefits of

telework are recognized and appreciated by companies all over the world.