Information Security and Compliance Risk Management Solutions

Compliance assessment of security infrastructure can seem daunting. Traditional assessments are done manually, with spreadsheets and word documents for a relatively small number of compliance controls. This manual process is likewise error-prone and can take up to six months to a year to complete. Moreover, there is no visibility until the handwritten report shows up. BizzSecure focuses on automating these risk enduring techniques for your organization with strategic security compliance solutions.

Our Security and Compliance Management Solution provides visibility, automation, and completeness. We create compliance and Information security assessments, and assessors can begin validating completeness and effectiveness of security controls.

BizzSecure is your one-stop-solution for all your InfoSec needs. Apart from this, we have especially designed policies that fit in right with most compliances and security frameworks. These policies are subsequently a pathway to achieve completeness and robustness in your compliance and security framework.


Pre-built Standards-Based Policy Templates for Completeness

BizzSecure have over 1,800 policy templates based directly on the compliance manuals for over 10 governances and frameworks like NIST, HIPAA, ISO, PCI, FISMA, FFIEC, GDPR, and many others to ensure completeness of your compliance assessment. Furthermore, in order to validate the completeness and effectiveness of the security controls, each policy comes with 4-6 questions. Assessments can consist of compliance policy templates from the governance manuals or security controls that one can select and modify based on existing company compliance requirements.

Automation Of Compliance Assessment 10X Faster

We use our platform to automate the assessment workflow for each policy to provide security compliance solutions. Our SaaS Solution allows assessors to answer questions at their convenience and upload supporting information for their answers. Assessors can also redirect questions to other team members where appropriate. Generating reports instantly is possible with up-to-the-minute information on compliance and completeness.

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Migration from Manual Flows

We can automate and expedite the process to find standards-based security compliance solutions and controls within the platform that match-up with existing controls. Companies can definitely adopt these controls and policies for an assessment ‘as is’ or modified to be company-specific. In many cases you will find additional policies that augment your company’s existing security controls, strengthening your compliance completeness.

Without a doubt, BizzSecure’s compliance assessment will transform the way your business is protected. So, contact us today!

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EAID Solution NextGen GRCVirtual InfoSec Team